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Smoke out of the exhaust after i changed the oil.?

I replaced the water pump and intake manifold gasket on my 96 blazer and it ran good, i drove it for about 30 miles then i decided to change the oil and now there is greyish whitish bluish smoke coming out of the ehaust pipe. ( i cant really tell if its oil or coolant or fuel?) Also it doesnt smoke right at start up, after about 30 seconds of running it starts smoking. Im worried it is head gasket, but i dont think it is.. (going to check if its losing coolant) Seems like it is burning Oil. The PCV valve is good i just checked it and it has the correct amount of oil. Im currently checking to see if its loosing any coolant or oil. could it be burning to much fuel or something? injector problem? im just confused as to why this happened after i changed the oil. Also there is a Cylindar 5 misfire problem, it has been on there for a while though, way before it started smoking. Could it be from old spark plugs? any help would be awesome, im tired of putting money and time into this car. I also read that maybe its transmission fluid sucked into the intake? how would i test something like this?

also currently it has just water and no antifreeze in it, not sure if this has anything to do with it. It is not over heating.Smoke out of the exhaust after i changed the oil.?
Chances are you used too thin of oil. You may want to use a 20-50 rather than 5-30 or 10-30. As for trans fluid, unplug the vacuum hose at the transmission and it should be dry. No fluid in it at all. If the modulator is leaking it's easy to replace. There will be stripes painted on the base for identification. I'd check the misfire too. Is it the plug, injector, the wire, or compression? All except the compression are usually easy fixes.Smoke out of the exhaust after i changed the oil.?
if the transmission has a vacuum modulator then pull the hose off and check it. if it has transmission fluid coming out the hose then your motor is sucking the fluid up into your intake and that,s where you see the smoke. also make sure the oil is,nt laying under the valve pan. if it is then the drain holes are clogged up and running down on the valves.

How to check and take care of my car before a long trip?

I am going to Florida from Texas this week (1300 miles) and taking a car which I bought recently. It's a used 2005 Hyundai Elantra with 70,000 miles. The car is generally in a good condition. I have done the following maintenance works last week.

1) Transmission fluid flush with ValvolineMax life ATF.

2) Engine oil flush with 5W 30Pennzoil

3) Brake oil flush

4) Changed all the 4 tires with Pirelli all season tires

5) A brand new battery (Duralast fromAuto zone)

6) Brake check and brake pads are good.

7) Coolant level is good and looks clean (clean light green liquid and not dirty)

I took the car to a AAA free 38 point inspection. They told that I need to change wipers, the upper and lower hoses as they are soft, and PCV valve. I tried to asked the mechanic in detail, but he was not much interested in explaining and seemed just want to get the work done.

So can anyone provide me some suggestions on anymore checkings/maintenance I should perform before the trip?

Thank youHow to check and take care of my car before a long trip?
Bring it the Hyundai Service Center. They know better what to be maintained.

How can I make my high mileage '94 Honda Accord last longer?

I bought an automatic '94 Honda Accord LX used at 135,000 miles and it now has 145,000 miles. I don't know its previous history but it runs great and I just recently had some maintenance work done to it like replacing spark plugs, air filter, pcv valve, drive belts(power steering and alternator), oxygen sensor, front brake pads and valve cover gasket to fix a bad oil leak. I change the oil every 3000 miles and always make sure I have enough oil, transmission, power steering, antifreeze and brake fluid. I'd like to make this car last as long as I can, hopefully another 100,000. What else will help my Honda achieve that? Any tips will be appreciated, thanks!How can I make my high mileage %26039;94 Honda Accord last longer?
That's about it. Keep doing those things as required and you should be good.How can I make my high mileage %26039;94 Honda Accord last longer?
I have a '95 honda accord. Unless you completely neglect this car it can go up to 250,000 - 300,000 easily. Just keep doing what your doing.How can I make my high mileage %26039;94 Honda Accord last longer?

So very nice to hear from a responsible car owner.

You're doing everything you should, keep it up.

My brother inlaw has a 96 and it just turned over 300k with regular maintenance and repairs.How can I make my high mileage %26039;94 Honda Accord last longer?
Great car! make sure you keep up with the timming belt changes every 105,000 miles, oil change every 3,000 miles and it will run a very long time. Cv axle boots dry crack and it's best to replace the boots before they split and damage the axles. Honda engines are very well bulit. The transmissions are good too. Transmission will probably need overhaul before the engine will. Your recent repairs may have been expensive, but it's cheaper than a new car payment.

1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.1, dome light keeps flashing on and off after starting vehicle. How to fix?

Just recently changed the spark plugs, air filter, and pcv valve on my girlfriends '99 Monte everything went off without a hitch and seemed very routine. Minus the fact that after finishing up and reconnecting the battery the dome light flashes on and off after starting her car. The dome light continues to flash in a rythmic on and off pattern for about 1 maybe 2 minutes then stops flashing. Also stops flashing when ignition is turned off and key is removed. First thought that crossed my mind was that maybe one or both of the door switches were going bad. Not too sure though as this is a new experience for me. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.1, dome light keeps flashing on and off after starting vehicle. How to fix?
It likely is a dome light delay timer needing replacement.1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.1, dome light keeps flashing on and off after starting vehicle. How to fix?
That's weird.

It may be some security issue. Try the other (spare) key.

Try this to clear the computer:

Turn the key to the ignition on position but don't start it.

Press the gas pedal to the floor three times.

Now turn the key all the way to start it.

Let it idle for thirty seconds or so.

This clears computer codes.1999 Chevrolet Monte Carlo 3.1, dome light keeps flashing on and off after starting vehicle. How to fix?
check the switches wiring

Saturday, November 20, 2010

How do you know if your map sensor is bad?

I have a 19999 Ford Mustang v6. the problem is when i go to press on the gas the car does not take off like it should it just goes slow then it starts speeding up. but when its parked i can press on the gas and it revs up good only when your driving it has trouble. what can the problem be? I have changed the wires, spark plugs, tps sensor, pcv valve, mass air flow sensor, Fuel filter, transmission filter. Need some help thinking it could be the map sensor or my Fuel pump. whatever help you all can give me would help.How do you know if your map sensor is bad?
I don't think your car has a MAP sensor. There are two ways to measure air into the engine. One is done with mass air meter (maf) and the other with a manifold absolute pressure sensor (map). Fords use a MAF..

There is a fuel rail pressure sensor on your fuel rail perhaps that is what you think is the map. This sensor keeps the rail pressure at 45 psi above the manifold pressure. So you see a vacuum line on this sensor, but it is measuring fuel pressure relative to manifold pressure.

Can you check the fuel pressure? There should be a fitting on the rail that looks like a tire valve. connect a press sure gage to it (some autoparts stores will loan them) and make sure it stays above 45 psi all the time.

Your fuel pump might be getting weak. I had a Ford Windstar did the same thing and had to put a fuel pump in it.How do you know if your map sensor is bad?
You can generally tell when your O2 sensor is bad with a diagnostic scan. Your problem however seems to be with either fuel delivery, ignition, or air intake. Unless you just don't know what a slipping transmission feels like. Do a fuel system pressure test to make sure its within specs. Im not familiar with the V6 mustang, Im going to assume it has a coil pack ignition. Check it or check them all(whichever you have). Make sure your air filter isn't clogged up.
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  • My 2001 Dodge Neon idles rough. How can I fix it (2)?

    My 2001 Dodge Neon idles rough in drive and reverse but idles fine in park and neutral. I have changed the spark plugs, air filter, spark plug wires, and the coil pack. I just recently had my transmission serviced (flushed and refilled), my throttle body cleaned, my oil changed, my fuel filter and pump replaced, PCV valve replaced, and my fuel injectors cleaned. I have check for error codes but none were found. I did a cylinder pressure test on each cylinder to check for a cracked head or gasket, all pressures where in the normal range and the same for all four cylinders. There are no signs or sounds of a vacuum hose leak. I have noticed that it only idles rough when the engine is at normal temp (warm). When I first start it and drive a minute or two and stop, it idles normal. I have checked the timing and it seems to be correct. I have also tested the throttle position sensor and it also seems to be working correctly. I have put A LOT of money into solving this problem but none of the above worked. What else could be causing it to idle rough only in drive and reverse? Oh yeah my idling RPMs are around 600. Way to low!My 2001 Dodge Neon idles rough. How can I fix it (2)?
    a can of throttle body cleaner sprayed while someone holds your gas pedal down while running.My 2001 Dodge Neon idles rough. How can I fix it (2)?
    Did any of the old spark plugs look different then the other 3. If one looked oily it could be missing on that cylinder. If one looked white it could be leaking anti freeze into that cylinder. I have seen new spark plugs be bad. Try pulling one spark plug wire off one at a time to see if it makes the engine run worse. If one of them doesn't make it get any worse, that is the cylinder that it is missing on. Please I hope you are using champion spark plugs.

    My Chevy Truck Failed the Emission Test HELP?

    Hi guys I just joined this forum and this is my first post and I really need some HELP.

    I have a problem and would like come suggestion on how to fix it.

    I have a 1988 Chevy truck with a 4.3 motor and I swaped it out for another 4.3 motor because the other one was no good . I had to take it for a emission test but before I did I changed the oil 'oil filter replaced the plugs' rotor and cap and then took it for the test and it failed.

    Here's the reading of the test.

    ASM 2525 Curb Idle

    Limit Reading Result Limit Reading Result

    HC ppm 83 190 FAIL 200 419 FAIL

    CO% 0.46 0.95 FAIL 1.00 1.99 FAIL

    NO ppm 893 203 PASS N/A N/A N/A

    RPM 1296 VALID RPM 582 VALID

    Dilution 14.8 VALID Dilution 14.8 VALID


    IT FAILED : So I brought it back home and I took of the EGR valve and checked the ports to make sure they where not cloged and they where clean and I cleaned the EGR valve put it back on. I checked the vacuum line on the EGR valve to make sure it was opening right after idle and checked all other vacuum lines for leaks.I dumped some good throttle body ' valve and combustion chanber cleaner down it and let it site . Then I started it and boy did it ever smoke. I changed the plug wires air filter and pcv valve and took it for another test.

    ASM 2525 Curb Idle

    Limit Reading Result Limit Reading Result

    HC ppm 83 191 FAIL 200 313 FAIL

    CO% 0.47 0.58 FAIL 1.00 0.52 PASS

    NO ppm 893 172 PASS N/A N/A N/A

    RPM 1321 VALID RPM 563 VALID

    Dilution 13.4 VALID Dilution 13.2 VALID


    Can anyone give me a suggestion on what to do next.

    I checked the timing but I wasn't sure what the timing is suppose to be. I looked in my book but it did not say and I looked on my truck but nothing.

    Anyhow I read in the book that the ignition timing cannot be abjusted on 1996 and later SFI engines on a 4.3L v6 engines because it is electronic controled. So what can I do to bring the HC and CO down to make it pass.

    Thanks in advance for any HELP.

    PS: and I changed the catalytic converter 2 years ago ' I put a universal cat on it and now someone told me that they only last one to two years ' Is that true.My Chevy Truck Failed the Emission Test HELP?
    LOL, (not at you),

    everybody always says replace yhe O2 sensor,

    well in this case they would be correct,

    if you had a scan tool available you would note the high block learn and integrator numbers,

    simply replace the O2 sensor and go pass your test

    your welcome in advance,

    if you do as I say you will pass!!!!!

    change only the O2 sensor, not the cat.,

    the egr valve only works to reduce NOX emissions by lowering combustion temperature, the cat helps burn excess hydrocarbon but only to an extent, a good running fuel injected vehicle could pass a HC and CO emission test without a cat, however it would fail in the nitrogen oxide area!!My Chevy Truck Failed the Emission Test HELP?
    If both HC and CO are high, the vehicle may have a bad catalytic converter or an air pump problem. if you put a new catalytic converter on it prior to swapping motors, the old one probably plugged it up.

    Also, you need to make sure that the truck is good and hot prior to the test. The cat is only effective when it's hot.My Chevy Truck Failed the Emission Test HELP?
    Is running rich, check for loose and/or dirty connectors and like mentioned, the O2 sensor can be reading wrong. By the way... is all stock? Did you changed anything like High Performance? Such as, Exhaust Headers, Performance Chip or any other toy that can throw off the sensor readings?My Chevy Truck Failed the Emission Test HELP?
    my trust in bustas here he has bailed me out beforeMy Chevy Truck Failed the Emission Test HELP?
    Did you say the timing hasn't been set?

    On these it must be set.

    There is a wire you disconnect, then a timing light will work.

    I am not sure where it is, but I would get the timing set first.

    This will cause your emission problems.